The Joint Ocean Commission Initiative

About JOCI

The Joint Ocean Commission Initiative (JOCI) brings together all sectors of the ocean community to catalyze action and monitor progress toward meaningful ocean policy reform. Our Ocean Action Agenda outlines a compelling set of recommendations to ensure the health and productivity of our oceans, coasts, & Great Lakes.

Recent Updates

A Remarkable Legacy—Celebrating the Life of Bill Ruckelshaus

Meridian Institute deeply feels the loss of Bill Ruckelshaus, Meridian founding Board Chair and former Chair of the JOCI Leadership Council.

JOCI Submits FY2019 Appropriations Testimony

Read our testimony to the Senate Committee on Appropriations, Subcommittee on Commerce, Justice, Science, and Related Agencies for NOAA, NSF, and NASA.

JOCI Co-Chair Op-ed on Safety Rollbacks for Offshore Drilling

Read Joint Initiative Co-Chairs Christine Todd Whitman and Norm Mineta's op-ed "Rolling back these offshore drilling measures would be a grave error in the history of ocean policy."

The challenges we face in managing our oceans effectively also present opportunities for innovation, collaboration, and actions. Our oceans are held in public trust, and we must act together to secure the future of our oceans and health and wealth of our nation.
Charting the Course: Securing the Future of America's Oceans

Our Impact

Oceans and coasts are critical American resources: they balance global ecosystems, inspire countless interest groups, and support multiple economic sectors. They’re also governed by numerous federal, state, and local entities; with so many users and managers involved, ocean and coastal policies can often be conflictual and confusing. Learn how JOCI drives meaningful, comprehensive ocean policy reform and action.