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News Articles: 2009 – 2016

31 December 2016

01-29-2016. Protecting our oceans must be priority for president, Congress. The Seattle Times. William D. Ruckelshaus, Jane Lubchenco, and Leon Panetta.

10-05-2015. Obama just announced the first new marine sanctuaries in 15 years. The Washington Post.  Chelsea Harvey.

06-17-2015. Joint Initiative Hosts East Coast Leadership Roundtable in New York. PR Newswire.

04-30-2015. Oceans-Policy Group Visits to Hear UAF, Native Perspectives on Changing Arctic. KUAC. Tim Ellis .

11-26-2014. Healthy, thriving oceans; An issue we can agree on. The Hill. David Wilmot, Ph.D..

01-01-2014. Time to Chart a New Course For the Health of Our Oceans. Sea Technology Magazine. Norman Mineta.

09-27-2013. A New Arctic Agenda Starts with Congress and White House. Roll Call. Sherri Goodman and Robert Gagosian.

08-13-2013. Protect Coastal Communities. Houston Chronicle. Paul Kelly and Larry McKinney.

07-19-2013. Opinion: Take critical steps to make us ‘stronger than the storm’. Newsday. By Lillian Borrone and Paul Gaffney.

07-19-2013. Bob Gagosian – From the President’s Office: 7-19-2013.Consortium For Ocean Leadership. By Bob Gagosian.

06-26-2013. Our Mutual Reliance on the Ocean. Daily Comet. By Editorial.

06-25-2013. Energy and Environmental Law Update. National Law Review. By David J. Leiter, Sarah Litke, Bryan M. Stockton, Jordan M. Collins, R. Neal Martin.

06-23-2013. Group issues call to action to protect coast. Daily Comet. By Nikki Buskey.

06-22-2013. Joint Ocean Commission Initiative calls on U.S. to promote offshore wind development. Cape Cod Today. By Walter Brooks.

06-21-2013. New Report from Bipartisan Commission on How to Better Manage Our Oceans. Switchboard – NRDC. By Sarah Chasis.

06-21-2013. Joint Ocean Commission Initiative calls on Obama Administration to promote use of offshore wind. Cape Wind.

06-20-2013. U.S. must invest in coastal buffers, offshore wind, Arctic research — report. E&E News. By Laura Petersen.

06-20-2013. Joint Ocean Commission Initiative. CNA.

06-07-2012. New Report Shows Obstructionist Politics Harming Ocean Management. The Huffington Post. By Sarah Chasis.

06-07-2012. More Poor Grades For America’s Ocean Policy. ThinkProgress. By Kiley Kroh.

06-06-2012. Bipartisan commission says U.S. is failing to craft a national policy. E&E News PM. By Allison Winter.

09-08-2011. European Fisheries Commissioner, NOAA sign IUU agreement. FIS. By  Natalia Real.

07-01-2011. Energy Concerns Could Make Panetta First Green DOD Chief. The New York Times and Greenwire. By Annie Snider.

06-13-2011 . “It’s The Oceans, Stupid” — Can we save the engine of our economy and our livable climate? Center for American Progress. By Michael Conathan.

06-08-2011. Ruckelshaus, Marine Experts Lend Support to Fledgling White House Ocean Initiative. The New York Times and Greenwire. By John McArdle.

06-08-2011. Breakthroughs, Launches, and Warnings on World Oceans Day. Environmental News Service. By Allison Winter.

06-08-2011. U.S. Ocean Policy Should Lead the Way for Global Reform. Conservation International. By Dr. Andrew Rosenberg.

07-20-2010. Planning for Our Oceans’ Future. Center for American Progress. By Laura Cantral and Andrew Light.

05-19-2010. Puget Sound’s slow oil spill. The Seattle Times. By Kevin Ranker and David Dicks.

02-05-2010. NOAA Grant Proposal Could Launch Marine Zoning. The New York Times. By Allison Winter.

10-24-2009. Stop Drift in Ocean Policy. The St. Petersburg Times. By Frank Muller-Karger.

09-17-2009. Obama Seeks National Oversight of Waters. The New York Times. By Cornelia Dean.

06-29-2009. State and Federal Governments Must Work Together on Ocean Policy. The New Jersey Star Ledger. By Dan Murphy.

06-29-2009. Big Blue Commitment. The Huffington Post. By Julie Packard.

05-04-2009. Finding Space for All in Our Crowded Seas. The Washington Post. By Juliet Eilperin.

05-01-2009. Joint Ocean Commission Initiative Presents Recommendations on Ocean Policy Reform. The Costal Society Bulletin. By Laura Cantral.

04-07-2009. Ocean panel urges federal action to protect coasts, marine resources. The New York Times. By Allison Winter.

04-07-2009. The Untold Story of Climate Change: No time to Lose for Our Oceans. The Huffington Post. By Julie Packard.

04-07-2009. New Joint Ocean Commission Report Shares NRDC Healthy Seas Priorities or Obama Administration, Congress. The Huffington Post. By Sarah Chasis.

03-25-2009. Lawmakers eye ‘zoning’ for new offshore energy projects. The New York Times. By Allison Winter.

01-15-2009. Fighting for Puget Sound’s Future. The Seattle Post-Intelligencer. By Kevin Ranker.