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Joint Initiative Recognizes Continued Benefits of the National Ocean Policy

1 June 2018

On the first day of World Oceans Month and in advance of Capitol Hill Ocean Week, the Joint Ocean Commission Initiative recognizes the benefits that the National Ocean Policy delivers to Americans. The National Ocean Policy fosters the stewardship, use of best-available science, multiple-use and adaptive management, coordination, participatory governance, and government efficiency that the USCOP and the Pew Commission envisioned. As the Administration confronts the multiple and growing challenges of managing our oceans, we urge them to make use of this forward-looking policy to allow present and future generations of Americans to benefit from the jobs, food, health, recreation, and overall well-being America’s oceans, coasts, and Great Lakes provide. During 2018 Capitol Hill Ocean Week, please join us in recognizing the continued need for the coordination, science, and stakeholder engagement that the National Ocean Policy provides.

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